Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fur Faux Real

Fur was everywhere on the Fall 2010 runways and faux vests, chubby jackets, full length winter coats have been popping up in store's ever since. This is one trend that I have been dying to try but whenever I put one on I am convinced I look like an oversized chipmunk- so much so that I used Halloween as my excuse dressing up as Rachel Zoe wearing a cute furry vest over a knit maxi dress. I haven't had the guts to put it on since.

Fur can be worn in many ways- that is, if you have the confidence and do not have a fear of looking like a small animal like I do. I broke it down into 2 categories and posted a few of my favorites. For the casual interpretation I love how the designers paired fur items with tights, socks and edgy boots or layered a vest over a flirty dress. The more classy, dressed-up interpretation looks chic with an tight pencil skirt or slim fitting pants. 

Casual Fur

Classy Fur

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