Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sexiest Night of The Year!

Tonight 10 p.m on CBS. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Akon. Katy Perry. Need I say more? Get ready to see the Angel's prance down the runway in one of the most entertaining fashion shows around. 

Pictures by Daniella Rech via Models.com

In love with Love for Spring 2011?

I sure am! Pamela Love, best known for her edgy jewelry line with signature pieces imitating bird skulls and talons, has some amazing new pieces coming out for Spring 2011. The Indian and African inspired pieces evoke an earthy, ethnic, tribal feel-perfect to add some character to your basic ripped jean's and tee go-to outfit of Spring. Below are some of my fav's.

Via Jak & Jil

Must have-wish I could afford this amazing cuff!
Images via Fashionologie. For full look book visit here.

Tom Ford Womenswear preview-FINALLY!

Back in September, Tom Ford invited only fashion royalty-aka the most important editor's in the biz to a private showing of his womenswear relaunch. It was a special showing with top models (Du Juan, Liu Wen, Karlie Kloss, Lakshmi Menon, Abbey Lee Kershaw) and notable names ( Rita Wilson, Julianne Moore, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Lou Doillon, Rachel Feinstein, Emmanuelle Seigner, Beyonce and her sister Solange). Terry Richardson was the only photographer allowed and a few images of the glamorous showing have finally been released. 

Images Via Fashionologie-Harpers Bazaar UK January 2011

Wild Wild West?

Cowgirls have never looked sexier. Abbey Lee Kershaw, Crystal Renn and Eniko Mihalik star in a fashionable rendition of hard times on the frontier . See more here.

Via TFS Vogue Paris Dec 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Intermix Holiday Lust List and Gift Guide

A TreasureA Treat:

A Getaway:
A Celebration:
An Escape:

I know where I will be sending everyone for my wishlist! Visit Intermixonline.com

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Some of you may have heard of the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (severe anxiety after experiencing a traumatic event) but today's post is more lighthearted in intent. It is about what I like to call PTSD: Post Thanksgiving Stress & Dieting. The feast (or feast's if you enjoy leftover's as much as I do) have now ended, and many of you are most likely experiencing post Thanksgiving stress-as in those skinny jeans don't button-with ambitious plans to start your diet tomorrow in order to slim down before Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities.
I wanted to introduce everyone to one of my favorite online dieting tools at The Daily Plate, powered by Livestrong. It is an easy, FREE way to track what you are eating daily and is extremely useful when trying to cut and count calories. The web site has an extensive database of foods and exercises that can be easily entered to track your daily caloric intake. It is also a great place to be inspired, reference healthy recipes, and find new exercises to spice up your routine. It is an amazing resource for all of your PTSD needs. 
All you have to do to get started is set up a profile, enter your height, weight and weight goals and let the program do the calorie counting for you. Just make sure you stay with in your budget and the pounds will melt away!
Good luck!

Book Club Anyone?

As I posted last week here I wanted to continue on my book club brigade....

The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble- enjoyable but nothing to write home about. I did like that it was about a book club (no one would join mine so I had to read about it).

Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay- this was given to me as a present for my birthday from my boyfriend's mom. She is an avid reader like myself and thought I would enjoy a few books ( so thoughtful! But I also didn't mind getting a super cute Carlos Falchi handbag along with the books). When I first started to read this book, I did not think I was going to be able to handle it. It is about a little girl and her family who get sent to a concentration camp during the Holocaust. But as I am on a quest to broaden my reading horizon I continued onward and was hooked after page 20. I read this book in 2 days and was deeply moved by it. Has anyone read this book?

Jennifer Weiner
Jane Green
Jodi Piccoult
Nicholas Sparks
Sophie Kinsella
Lauren Weisberger-wish I was her getting to assist Anna Wintour and then sell book-turned movie about it! Lucky girl.
Emily Giffin
Beth Harbison
Candace Bushnell
and many more...I read so many books that I forget all of the authors of the one off's but from now on I will have my blog to help me keep track!
Awesome Jennifer Weiner themed cupcakes via Crumbs and Dollies amazing cupcake blog
I do pretty much judge a book by its cover. I walk up and down the fiction aisles at B&N grabbing every book with a cute cover and catchy title to read its summary. If the summary sounds interesting I add it to the pile. Unfortunately for my wallet, I never can walk out with less than 6 books.

Happy reading, everyone. I will choose a book new book to start tomorrow. Suggestions are welcome!

Thrifting with Alexa Chung

Need help navigating through thrift stores? PBS just announced (via NY Times) that British "It" girl Alexa Chung, who is most well-known for her sartorial sensibilities and tomboy chic, will host a new show called "Thrift America"-all about the sport of thrift shopping. Did I say sport? Yes, it definitely requires skill, practice and talent in order to find fashion forward pieces (in good condition) and maybe even some vintage designer duds. If Chung can teach it, we will watch it. Sign me up!

As the saying goes, someone else's trash is another person's treasure...

Photo credit: Derek Kettela via Marie Claire 

Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture Holiday Collection 2010

Although I had my share of juicy jumpsuits way back when (I was 12, ok!) I have not been much of a fan of the brand since. For some reason my middle school fashion nightmares would resurface whenever I stepped foot in a store. I am a huge fan, though, of Miss Erin Fetherston. Her feminine and girlish style really shines through in the collection she designed for JC this holiday season.

If you will be in NYC this week and are a big Juicy/Erin fan stop by the downtown store for a private shopping event a a sweet %20 discount! See invite below. 

Images via fashionolgie.com. Invite via Juicy Couture.