Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exercise Accoutrement

It took me 3 classes (over a few years) to finally fall in love with Yoga, and I have been addicted ever since. Unfortunately, I have been moving around the past 6 years from college, to Philly, to NYC and was unable to keep a steady practice at a studio I loved. When I finally got back into Yoga last Spring I found myself lusting after  some cute exercise attire. White Hanes v-neck tee's and leggings were just not going to cut it at my NY studio's, Sonic Yoga and Bikram Yoga NYC. I have put together the outfits below with some pieces that I am currently craving. 

In Vinyasa style yoga classes, poses will flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath. Click to enlarge image. 
For Vinyasa yoga you can definitely work up a sweat, but you never get quite as hot as when in Bikram class. That is why I like a tight top that stays close to the body during downward dog and a pant with a flare is typically the most flattering on me. I love to cozy up with an oversized cashmere wrap after my practice or when I am cooling off during Savasana.

1. Adidas by Stella McCartney, Yoga Performance Tank, $60
2. LuluLemon, Groove Pant, $98
3. Athleta, Suddha Cashmere Sweater, $178
4. Camel Bak, Stainless Steel Better Bottle, $24

In Bikram style yoga, a series of 26 poses are practiced in a heated room with temperatures around 105 degrees. Click to enlarge image.

For Bikram yoga it is best to be as uncovered as possible because you will be sweating from every inch of your body. I love the true athletic feeling from the outfit above. A tiny bralette and short shorts are perfect for all 26 poses if you are confident enough to rock a skimpy outfit ( I am not, yet). For after class you will want to put on a jacket that won't absorb moisture, so it is best to have a synthetic piece that can wick away sweat during your trek home from the studio.

1. LuluLemon, 50 Rep Bra, $42
2. Nike, Knit Knot Yoga Shorts, $30
3. Athleta, Headlands Jacket, $98
4. LuluLemon, I Heart Yoga Water Bottle, $25

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