Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Keep Warm, Look Cool

I have never been good at acheiving a cool look that keeps me warm and doesn't look dorky (aka mismatching gloves, hat that doesn't exactly work, puffy coat-yea thats me walking down the street so don't make fun I'm embarrassed enough). This is extremely frustrating to me when I pass girls wearing similar to the below pics of my fav blogger girls-can I just be you girls?? PLEASEEE? I am dedicated to changing my winter outerwear look-stat! Apparently, though it seems like I need a rotation of coats and a  wardrobe full of warm and cozy, furry accessories.  

Oh Hanneli your gorg

Via Wayne Tippetts

Via Wayne Tippetts

Via Stylesightings

Via Stylesightings

Via Stylesightings

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