Monday, December 13, 2010

Back in Newww York

It has officially been four weeks since I had foot surgery and I was just told that I will be needing physical therapy 2 times a week for another month. I am so NOT happy about this-I thought I would be back in regular shoes ready to go in time for the holidays! I am finally back in NYC and it feels really good to be back at my apartment, aside from the mess.  I am definitely trying to get in the holiday spirit, with Christmas (I love it even though I am Jewish), my 1 (1.5) yr anniversary with my boyfriend, and NYE. There are a few things on my mind.

1) I can not wait to start exercising again. I have been out of the yoga studio for a month now and my muscles feel completely stiff. I have been stretching during the week but it is just not the same. I never though I would crave the 105 degree heat from the Bikram studio.

2) During my time away from the office I was still stressed out. Even though I was on the couch, I spent most of my time scouring fashion web sites trying to figure out how to start this blog and thinking about work. It has been a ton of fun but I do not feel I truly relaxed.

3) I need some social activity. Besides hanging out with my boyfriend, my parents and a few friends the couch and computer have been my entertainment. I have only read 1 book which is rare for me and only watched a few movies. I can not wait until I can walk around the city again!

4) I appreciate my health! Having one bum foot has made me realize how lucky I am to be healthy.

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